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31116 (3 Abalone+3 Wine+CNY Items)

31116 (3 Abalone+3 Wine+CNY Items)

  1. New Moon New Zealand Abalone, 425g
  2. New Moon New Zealand Abalone, 425g
  3. New Moon New Zealand Abalone, 425g
  4. Bird's Nest with Ginseng,White Fungus & Rock Sugar,2X70g
  5. Prawn Crackers,40g
  6. Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Cookies,50g
  7. Yam Cookies,80g
  8. Sanwa Cuttlefish Strips,40g
  9. Amico Crispy Rice Flakes Original,60g
  10. Fish Fillet,50g
  11. Red Dates,60g
  12. Mineral Fungus,60g
  13. Chinese New Year Packaging

  14. Wine (France)
    1. De Reyne (AOC Bourdeaux),750ML
    2. Pierre Jean Merlot 2016, 750ML
    3. Les Jardins de Margot,750ML

Angelflorist reserves the right to replace any item in the arrangement with another of higher or equivalent value depending on availability.

31116 (3 Abalone+3 Wine+CNY Items)

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